22 Sep 2023

Insignia Crew form a strategic alliance with AVENTEL

Insignia Crew form a strategic alliance with AVENTEL who offer advanced specialised security solutions to secure families, assets and privacy.

Recognising the unprecedented rise in global uncertainty and therefore a need to evaluate and upgrade security protocols that surround the activities of the Ultra High Net Worth community, Insignia Crew today are very pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with AVENTEL.  

This alliance represents a new standard in client care, where the aim is minimising the risk of targeted criminal activity; it is part of Insignia Crew’s wider focus on providing their respected client base with ongoing, credible and unprecedented support in multiple verticals of operational execution.

Crime on the rise

As the trend in criminal activity continues to rise throughout the UK and Europe, it is widely recognised that demand for security solutions and focused guidance amongst the high-net-worth community is certainly on the rise.

A recent survey commissioned by a specialist insurer found that one in two (51%) high net worth individuals believe they would benefit from receiving more crime and security risk advice as more than half (52%) reported being victims of a crime in the past year.

Among those surveyed, almost half (49%) said they had been victims of theft in the last 12 months, while one in five experienced trespassing (23%), home intrusions (20%), and criminal damage to property and luxury assets.

It is widely believed that the rise in inflation, the cost-of-living crisis and more recently a change in mindset and activist tempo around eco-social and global climate challenges have made wealthy individuals a prime target for criminals and vandals. In fact, three in five respondents (60%) reported becoming more worried about crime since the cost-of-living crunch and high visibility vandalism reported in the media.

Security introduced

Amidst these growing concerns, 71% of respondents said they had introduced new security measures to protect their homes and luxury assets to deter criminals, such as CCTV (37%), security lighting (33%), and upgraded access protocols that include locks, doors and windows (30%).  Additionally, about one in five (18%) said they installed safe rooms or panic rooms in the past year.

More required

Despite these measures, more than half (53%) of those surveyed still believe they need to do more to improve the security of their homes and wider luxury assets, stating that an intelligent lead response is now a serious consideration in order to mitigate threats and risk.

Experience and expertise

With absolute focus on four key verticals: Advisory, Intelligence, Protective Security and Crisis Management, Aventel have both the experience and specialist expertise to support Insignia Crew’s clients where security concerns have been raised.

Aventel consultants successfully leverage strategic partnerships, strong regional relationships, and unrivalled global networks to assist their clients. Small teams provide “boots-on-the-ground” support – always operating with integrity and transparency.


Aventel is a specialist security advisory firm assisting public and private organisations in some of the world’s most challenging and austere environments. Aventel offers tailored solutions supported by proprietary digital technologies to assist clients in exploiting opportunities whilst ensuring resilience, safety, and peace of mind are at the core of every decision made and action taken.


For further information on how Aventel can assist please visit AVENTEL or contact Andrew HERE